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Dedicated Email Lists – Double Opt-in subscribers

Advertise with the best email lists for conservatives and direct response in the USA! RATES ARE SUBJECT TO CHANGE WITHOUT NOTICE Conservative Video Alerts – This list has 140,000 names and features the latest news and commentary for conservatives in video format. Typical Open rate is: 12% to 16%...
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Remnant and Stand by display advertising rates 888-449-2526

Get the best online ad rates, Remnant newspaper and magazine print rate including outdoor and event advertising options. You shop here to get the very best rates for Display advertising on the internet, newspaper magazines and more! Best deals available in any city or state in the USA. Cheap...
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TV advertising rates Local and national reach 888-449-2526

TV advertising works great! How you can advertise for less or lower rates for TV advertising in any state in the USA. Cheap remnant and spot market rates for local and national advertising campaigns. Advertise for less and get more ROI for you ad dollars. Call 888-449-2526 for a...
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